Kevin Laws

Kevin Laws, a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a BA in Music Education, has been performing professionally on guitar and saxophone in the area for 6 years. At Eastern (2011-2016), Kevin completed his degree with emphasis on Jazz Saxophone but also undertook collegiate level lessons on Guitar and Clarinet, participating in several classical, chamber, pop and jazz groups while also performing outside of school professionally. Some of the groups he has been involved with include Nu Jack City (R &B and motown), Bryson Foster (Christian Hip Hop), Badland Nomad (Folk rock) and other Jazz and rock Groups in the pacific Northwest. Kevin Laws also recently completed his first year of teaching as the guitar instructor for Chiawana High School and is eager to continue sharing his love for all styles of music students in the Tri-City area.

At Magnolia Music Studio, Kevin Teaches lessons for all ages on Guitar, Bass, Saxophone and Clarinet. 

The role of a teacher is to instill in students a love for the content and provide all of the tools, information, and practices required for mastery. Through sequential and tangible goals, a teacher shows students a path that lead students towards a greater understanding and ability. In regards to my personal teaching style, I utilize several method books for the instruction of technique and theory, however every course should be supplemented with material meaningful to the student and opportunities for creativity, which is why in all my lessons I promote composition, learning of popular music (of the students interest of course) and improvisation as a vehicle to build musical self-efficacy in students.
— Kevin Laws on his Teaching Philosophy