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Summer Violin Camp: Level 5 & up, Grades 9-12

SUMMER VIOLIN CAMP: LEVEL 5 & UP, GRADES 9-12 (5+ years of playing) $175

This violin camp is for students who have played 5 years or more in school orchestra (or a minimum of 2 years of private violin lessons).  We will fine-tune bowing techniques, left-hand finger dexterity and shifting skills, work on sight-reading, ear training, intonation, rhythm, and theory.  (Depending on the student's personal experience, some of this will be a helpful review, and some information might be new.)  Together we will practice exercises/etudes, scales, and wonderful violin ensemble pieces. As time permits, we will also work on more advanced violin techniques (which could include: vibrato, spiccato/staccato bowing techniques, and left-hand shifting to 2nd and/or 4th positions).  We will also review violin-playing terms, orchestra terms for tempos, tempo changes, stylistic terms for string players, and dynamics.  Throughout the week, the instructor will pay attention to each student's technique and progress, and as time allows, will address, guide, and encourage the student in areas of personal musical development and growth.

Students are expected to bring a violin, bow, and resin to each day of camp. Music will be provided for students at camp.  However, students may also bring their own school music book, method book, etc.

Each student will receive a camp T-shirt and will have a break with snacks each day. Prior to the camp, parents/guardians will receive an email form which will include student's T-shirt size, emergency contact info, and any food allergies or sensitivities. This form must be turned in no later than the first day of camp. There will be a short performance for families and friends on the last day of camp at 3:30 p.m. Friday, August 3. 

About the instructor:

Master Teacher HEATHER HULL HART is an accomplished music instructor, choral director, pianist, violinist, vocalist, and musical director, with over 25 years of professional music experience. She earned a Master of Music (MM) degree in Choral Conducting from the University of Washington, and a BA in Music (Violin and Piano) from Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho, and was accepted into the doctoral program at U.W.'s School of Music. Heather began her private music studies on piano and violin as a young child, and voice as a teenager. She’s been playing violin in symphonies since the age of 10 and  won numerous awards in youth music competitions and auditions in three fields (violin, piano, voice). She is currently a Music Instructor for Magnolia Music Studio,  Familiaris Fine Arts (a homeschool arts program) and is an active accompanist, music instructor, music director, and performer in the community. She is married to Harvey, and they have two young sons named after Irish saints.

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