Please complete this section only if you have already registered for individual lessons and have scheduled a lesson time with your teacher. If you have not yet registered please go to the Registration Page. Lessons are offered in 12-week semesters (typically one individual 30-min lesson each week.) Tuition is due before the start of each semester and may be paid in two installments.

Payment for lessons 

Depending on the instructor, tuition is $340/$375/$415 for a 12-week semester of individual 30-minute lessons. Select MasterTeacher Tuition $415 for Cynthia Vaughn, Heather Hull Hart or Sarah Jaegers. Select Associate Instructor Tuition $340 for Briita Asmund. Please complete the pull-down menu below to submit payment AFTER you have registered and have a lesson time arranged with your instructor. [NOTE: For Spring Only (6-weeks) or SummerFlex Only (6 lessons throughout the summer), select Half Semester options.]

LESSON TUITION (twelve-week semester)
Student/parent EMAIL ADDRESS

‘Need to pay a custom amount? Use the direct payment link